Tuesday, June 10, 2008


When the lights dimmed.. and the sole light source came from the movie screen... my mind was beginning to filter out my daily life.. beginning to empty everything it had there jus a moment ago... I was switched to my movie mode.. to enjoy what is being presented to... half way thru the movie (kung fu Panda)... the old and wise Master oogway (turtle) said to Po, the panda... he said:

"Yesterday was called history. Tomorrow is still a mystery. But today is a gift, and that is why it's called the PRESENT...."

I've never tot of it that way... it proves how taken for granted we... ok...I have been to things just very normal or typical to me... i've always told myself.. dun take for granted on the small and normal things in life... do wat ppl always take for granted of.. and at that moment. no matter how u remind urself.. or i shud say.. How i remind myself.. if my mind is not set to really care about it.. reminding is nothing..

And yes... u all know by now... in the movies.. I have a silent moment to myself... all the hussle and bustle of the outside world shut off in a big theatre... where only yor tots may run freely... yes.. they will be laughters, screams, explosions etc... but its nothing compared to the noise which resonates in the outside world... the silent noise, where u dunno its there but it is there... the noises that shuts ur heart...

ChEeRs!~ Cherish now... for it is a Gift...

Monday, June 2, 2008


I was watching a japanese drama. Like always the japanese managed to make a very interesting story line and touching plots. But what really caught me is their ending theme. So much similar feelings I have in common with the lyrics.

The dreams of that day,
even now I've always been chasing after them,
where am I about now
and what have i accomplished?
Can this key that had rusted out in a sigh, still open the present?
I'm still waiting for the dreams,
I believed in that I threw away,
that day's locker.

Much bluer than now, the gentle sky that could be seen.
What have i forgotten?
What have i remembered?
What have i discovered?
Asking these unanswerable questions,
the sky blurred with white,
the road that i couldn't advance on
continues on here and now.

No matter how many times I lose and make mistakes,
the dream isn't over.
No matter how much is done,
just giving up once would end it all.
A long ascent higher than i can see, is now before my eyes.
If I end up retracing my steps,
only regret awaits me, on the way down.
The heart's cry can't be heard by anyone.
So smile, let your tears fall and let yourself shine!
Look for your individuality,
even if its similar to someone else's.
Something is definitely different,
it can't be heard by anyone but i want to look for it.

Much bluer than now, the gentle sky that could be seen.
What have i forgotten?
What have i remembered?
What have i discovered?
Much bluer than that day, the sky i strongly trust in.
The road that i couldn't advance on, where is it now.

The me on that day,
I'm always waiting for you,
from the bottom of my heart.
Would you listen to me say a little something?
Wouldn't a little rest be nice too?

Song <Aoku Yasashiku> by Kobukuro.
Soundtrack for 'Dream Again'
Translation by Blackrabbit 2999

Friday, May 30, 2008

A small part of my childhood....

I grew up watching Indiana Jones.. My brothers was a big big fan of indiana jones... maybe because it was harrison ford's ability to portray the spirit, energy, and charisma of Dr. Henry Jones Jr.

Till now i can still remember the scenes of past indiana jones in my head like it was just yesterday... during the early 90s... these films was... jaw dropping.. altho now..if u look bac at it.. u might think so props are fake.. some effects were poorly done.. but during the 80s when they were made... they were inspirational... not only that.. their orchestrated movie sound tracks was... like magnet sticking on to ur brain.. and nvr wud have let go...

I was watching the lastest installment of Indiana Jones (IV with the name Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull)... Indy said to his best friend, "maybe its the time when life stops giving and starts taking back things from us." (something near that) and Indy was looking at pictures of his father (Sean Connery) and another good fren of his, who both have already passed away... then it came to me... (yes.. i watch movie always got something hit me) When he was young... I watched his movies, the indiana jones series, the early star wars series, the fugitive etc... now i'm 24... i started watching him since i was 6... or younger... its been 18 years.. *gasp* another God's way to tell u... Time will not wait for u... He will not stop time just because a brat misplaced his heart and wasted time and life... I can see how time and age has already taken its toll on Harrison Ford, once young and filled with energy... now... old and wise...

I too have turn from a jolly chubby lil brat to a..... i will let u all to judge me for urself.. :)

CheeRs ppl!~

p/s: Happy Birthday to my dear Geminis' Pei Chuin and Pei Shuang.. :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Birthday..... Eric

Birthdays are always something.... like an alarm clock... u get reminded that a year has gone by since ur last birthday.. u get shouted at by ur mind about what u have done and achieved the past year. Also, u're given a friendly notice that u've a set of things to achieve, a dozen of targets to reach and... time just went by u again... what have u been doing till now? its like a company's performance appraisal being done...

For example: <-- it means its AN EXAMPLE (not mine)

Found a job...... Checked
Have a car........ Un-Checked
Get organized.... Un-Checked
Treat your friends better.... half- checked

Total: Met expectation lvl 1 (barely pass)

Then the brain will begin to evaluate how u perform.. was it happy with the way u acted, or perform in the past year. Were there regrets, things u cud've avoided, what were ur successes etc etc... ...

So what've u accomplished Eric? I looked at myself thru the mirror at the early morning of 27th May 2008... ... My answer... "I don't know.. everything seemed to blur by... BUT... I promise you, Eric, when u ask me this time next year... i wont disappoint you." the mirror imager snorted and said... " We'll see... talk is cheap anyways..."

On a lighter note, Thank you again.. thank you.. for all ur smses, msges, calls and e-mails... I am really really flattered.. from jokingly unrespectful sms from my lil sis to loving video chats with eddie, from brotherly calls from old unimates to an unexpected birthday song from my colleague... I felt blessed.. yes... there wasnt a GRAND party with red carpets and all.. no bling blings... but all this small gestures... i am touched.. i really am... with it.. i will keep in heart.. when i am down and all.. i will remind myself.. "u have ppl thinking, supporting you... get up, dun rest by ur laurels anymore.. get up!"

Thank you once again! *bows*

p/s: thank u, eddie for the blog u wrote!

Sunday, May 25, 2008


YES!!! I have finally finished my long awaited and anticipated 3 days seminar, with one of the world's most exciting trainer in business and mindsets. Mr T. Harv Eker. He managed to change hundreds of thousands of life in America before he came to Asia (Malaysia-Singapore). At first my definition of seminar is just sit and listen. And the occasional tab your neighbour and all... but his was... MIND BLOWING... LIFE CHANGING... my God... he really packed not a punch... but a massive atomic explosion to the ppl (including me) who went to this seminar.

This are just a small part of ppl that i managed to take a picture of. There were approximately 4800 ppl stuffed in to MINES exhibition Centre. for 3 whole days.. from 9am till 11pm.. we stood/sit/played/cried/hugged/high fived/shake hands/dance etc etc from the very first minute. It was definitely a very good avenue to network and socialize with different walks of life. Business owners who are successful already, business man who are struggling, engineers, fashion designers, business consultants, publishing ppl etc etc... I cant tell much of what I've heard, and some activities i will not tell.. cause we have a strict oath of confidentiality among the participants... and also the activities we do in this seminar are so powerful that if i leak out... next time anyone among you wanted to join will bring little meaning to you if u already knew what he wanted to do. Any how... if any1 of u.. wants to go.. tis nov... there is another similar seminar in Singapore.. RM425 only... WORTH it... MY GOD!!!!! i tell you.. u will be pinned down when he starts firing and telling you the reasons on why u are still not doing anything to be rich. (now some of your mind might be thinking, i'm happy with what i have now. why bother? or something along the line. well.. if so.. u shud even more go and listen...) some may say why are u paying RM425 for this... just say his first speech at NAC (National Achiever's Congress) was compelling.. until.. I didnt pay RM425.. u see RM 425 are for... common folks (leong, if u are reading..its jus a joke) I am a VIP!!! :) so dun ask me the price.. and dear, i'll tell u when i see u.. hahahaha... so u see... go.. if u get the chance...

What is this?? 100 note and a candle?? hehehe.. ONE of the confidential activity.. i'm exposing it now!!!!!.... IN YOUR DREAMS!!!!! hahahha.. all i can say is... look at my hand and finger position and just out of the picture's reach... the candle was there.. SO! what do u think i did... i learned my lesson here... alot.. and i know more about the way i think of money... i'll let ur imagination run wild... did i chickened out?? or did i.... :) OH! i just notice.. ah leong is on the other row looking at me.. hahahahahah....

p/s: if any1 of u ever heard and wanted to go to this seminar.. please don't wait any longer.. GO GO GO.... Eddie dear... i wan u to go to... more pics will b up.. but please forgive me.. the pictures will b all in wrong angles.. haha.. CHEERS!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

EARTHQUAKE!!! Hide under bed, table, mat... anything u can cover ur body with!!

YES!!!! EARTHQUAKE>.. i was jus sitting there... playing my game.. when suddenly.. i felt my self drifting left and right abit.. my vision (or so i tot) was blurred cause things started to move a lil to left and right... THEN i calmed myself down and really go feel wat the heck i'm going thru.. do i need to see 'House' or something else... and it was something else.. everything i touched was shaking abit.. HA.. and i called my house mate if he felt it.. he said.. YES... then walked away.. hahah its his 4th time feeling such light tremors... meaning somewhere in indon or off mly's coast was an earthquake.. i pray no one is hurt or involved... but actually.. if the earthquake DID not had such a potential to devastate an area.. like wat it did to Sichuan... i think it wud b very cool thing... cause the light tremor i had.. altho shock the 1st few seconds.. (my first time ok..) then it felt like ogawa massaging chair.. hahaha... i cudn't bothered bout it and contnue my game.. hahahah... like i told my friend... if it really turned ugly.. i bet i wud b the 1st one to go... hahahha.. touch wood.. cheers now ppl!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

This and that...

I was watching a movie on Star Movies the other day... "Too you to Marry".. its about this couple who are both 18 yrs old. They love each other and got married... the girl got to go to Harvard Uni and the guy Cambridge.. but u noe la.. 18 yrs old teens.. the guy stayed back and work and the girl went to Harvard.. and the story slowly unfolds... the couple was starting to feel a gap came into existance between them.. the guy worked as a construction worker... the lady went uni and belajar and THEN... one guy from the uni started to go after this lady... then ya da ya da ya da... they KISSED... hahahha... this part is interesting... she came home after that and hug the hubby and said she miss him... ok.. i will tell the story till this point.

I told my lady colleague, " See See See... do wrong time baru come hug say miss la.. love u la.." then she was like.. "er... er..." Ha! as i expected... ppl are like tat.. sigh.. how sad... i dun blame only girls... i noe guys are also like tat... but... sigh.. y must it always be - do wrong then noe what is right... BUT then we always repeat our mistakes... after that we'll do wrong again and then noe wat is right...again... hahahha....

ON a lighter note........... well there isnt one.. hahah.. i'm blogging for the sake of updating my blog for the moment... quite busy with work.. take care all.. CheeRs!~